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We believe we offer the highest quality mattress at the cheapest price, if you can find a Flexcell memory mattress at a cheaper price with the same specification we will offer a price match.

FAQ For Memory Foam Mattress and Memory FoamTopper.

  1. Why are your memory foam mattress and memory foam toppers so cheap?
    We are a small family run business with low overheads and very low advertising costs. We sell a large quantity of memory foam mattresses each week and do not have to rely upon a couple of sales to make our profit.
  2.  What are the memory foam mattress sizes?
    Super Kingsize: 180 x 200 x 20cm, Kingsize : 150 x 200 x 20cm, Double : 135 x 190 x 20cm and Single : 90 x 190 x 20cm
  3.  Is a memory foam mattress good for bad backs and joint problems?
    Yes, a memory foam mattress will help to support and cushion the problems making it more comfortable to sleep and giving you an even pressure along all your body.
  4. Does it have a mattress cover?
    Yes. Our memory foam mattress and memory toppers come with a washable removable zipped cover and it is like any other mattress in appearance.
  5. What does Kg/m3 mean?
    This is how much the foam weighs in meters cube if it was weighed on scales. You should buy memory mattress over 50kg/m3       
  6. Does a memory foam mattress get hotter than normal mattresses?
    No, the memory foam is an open celled breathable memory foam.
  7.  Is a memory foam mattress okay for adjustable beds?
    Yes they are fine, The memory foam mattress will conform to the underlying base.
  8. Can you use a memory foam topper on its own?
    Yes, you can. Some customers have bought them to use when camping or to use as a spare mattress for guests.
  9. Are they okay for slatted bases?
    Yes, any bed base that is firm is ideal. The slats will not cause any problems.
  10. Can I use an electric blanket?
    Yes it is fine to use one.     
  11. I'm unsure whether to buy a memory mattress or topper
    If your mattress is fairly hard, does not sag, and is only a few years old then purchase a memory foam topperBut, if you are intending to replace your bed in the next couple of years then purchase a memory foam mattress.



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