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We believe we offer the highest quality mattress at the cheapest price, if you can find a Flexcell memory mattress at a cheaper price with the same specification we will offer a price match.

Memory Foam Topper

Memory foam topper made in the UK

memory foam toppersOur Flexcell Single, Double and King-size memory foam toppers are made from 6cm thick 55Kg/m3 memory foam which are covered in a coolmax zipped removable cover.

They are ideal if you have a mattress in good condition that doesn`t sag, and you want the benefits of memory foam.

They are also ideal for caravans or motor homes and will fold up easily to store under your seating. Or, to use as an easy to store guest bed.

Using the same high quality memory foam 55Kg/m3 as used in all of our memory foam mattress  a topper turns your existing mattress into the most comfortable and supportive sleeping surface available.

If your existing mattress is only a few years old and feels too hard a memory foam mattress topper will transform your bed into the latest sleep technology.

All of our Flexcell Single, Double and King size memory foam toppers now come with removable coolmax covers.

You could be experiencing the benefits of memory foam as soon as tomorrow night, with our Next Working Day delivery guarantee.

memory foamAll of our Flexcell range of memory foam mattress and toppers are now supplied with the latest genuine coolmax covers at no additional charge. The covers are machine washable with a zipped easy to remove cover.

Is Coolmax fabric made from polyester fibers?
Coolmax fabrics are designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus, keeping you feeling cool and dry. Coolmax fabrics deliver performance and comfort through the use of proprietary polyester fibres with unique engineered microchannel cross sections and/or specially engineered two sided, denier gradient fabrics made using Coolmax® qualifiable polyester or nylon yarns, elastane.

 Is Coolmax® a treated polyester?
No, Coolmax is not a treated polyester. The performance of Coolmax is inherent in the fibre structure itself, thereby providing consistent performance wash after wash.

What's the difference between Coolmax fabrics and other polyester fabrics? 
Coolmax fabrics are specially designed to provide not only superior moisture management, but also to enhance comfort. The specially-engineered fibres using Coolmax fabrics provide enhanced breathability (called "air permeability" by the techies) that differentiate Coolmax from generic polyester fabrics, which use standard round fibres. Air permeability is just one of our key performance tests that fabrics must pass before they can be sold as "Coolmax". And, remember, that all of the benefits of Coolmax® fabrics are permanently built right into the fibre, requiring no chemical treatments like those other wicking fabrics.

Why are Coolmax fabrics more comfortable?
Moisture management + breathability equals total comfort

Do covers made from Coolmax require special care?
Covers made with Coolmax® fabrics are machine washable and dryable; however, fabric softeners and chlorine bleach should not be used.

What are the advantages of Coolmax vs. cotton?
Besides its positive effect on maintaining body core temperature, Coolmax® is fast drying, breathable, and resists fading, shrinking and wrinkling.


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